Special Guest Interview with Don Arnold of Fit Eats!




Don Arnold is the founder of Fit Eats, a healthy and fresh pre-made meal delivery company in Sacramento and Roseville, CA. A young entrepreneur with a business background and passion in health and fitness, Arnold molded Fit Eats out of a small, local firm, and expanded it to deliver tasty, restaurant grade, healthy meals to a customer base of about 18,000 – mainly in the Sacramento area. Fit Eats offers only the highest quality and locally grown ingredients, with zero processed additives or GMOs, plus Paleo as well as plant-based options to satisfy all kinds of diets and lifestyles. The company changes up its menus week to week, offering a choice of about 40 different breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Fit Eats promises healthy, wholesome meals that are readily available – no cooking, no cleaning, no mess! To learn more about Don, his business, and their relationship with Vibe, read on!

 What is the Fit Eats story? How did you get started?

I have no history in food service, however I’ve always been in the health food industry in some way. In college, I was a personal trainer, and then I opened a chain of nutrition stores shortly after. I started this company in January of 2014, drawing inspiration from a similar company in Austin, Texas. I felt their “meal prep” style concept was an idea that would thrive in the Sacramento area, with an added layer of offering delivery (the Austin company did not include delivery in their services). I thought delivery was an especially important element for convenience, so I actually started Fit Eats as just a delivery service, and then later moved into a retail store in Sacramento about a couple months after opening – in April of 2014.

What makes you different than other restaurants, grocery stores, or delivery services?

The main difference between Fit Eats and other meal prep and convenience meal companies is that our menu changes weekly. Every Thursday at noon, we take down four items and add four new ones. This keeps it fresh and exciting and makes so that customers do not get tired of eating the same thing week after week.
Additionally, we are not just a meal prep company but a real, healthy, wholesome food company, preparing healthful meals for the masses. I always want to focus on how we can contribute good, nutritious food to a large range of people. So instead of limiting our focus to bodybuilders, or fitness guru’s following the rigid “one carb, one veggie, one protein” meal plan, we offer tasty, restaurant experience food made with healthy, quality ingredients.

What is the inspiration behind Fit Eats?

I just found a need for it. There are not a lot of places [in Sac] offering exactly what we do. I mean, everyone’s idea of healthy is different, but I wanted to create a place that everyone would be able to find something. Something easy and healthy for all to enjoy – not just hard core body builder “high protein, low carb” meals, or vegans and vegetarians serving exclusively plant based meals. I wanted to be able to offer as many choices as possible to please the majority of my community with healthy, delicious, and convenient options. Many of our meals do cater to plant based, or diet sensitive lifestyles such as Paleo, gluten free, or vegetarian, but the idea is to provide good nutritious food for the entire community.

How long have you been a wholesale partner with Vibe Health Bar?

Pretty much right when they started their wholesale program. About 6 or 7 months I would say.

What do you think makes the partnership work?

Well, cold pressed juice goes hand in hand with what we offer, as a nutrient dense, whole food, meal outlet and delivery service. The juice trend is growing fast, so why not jump on board? Plus, it is a lot easier to outsource the juice because we want to focus on what we do best – prep whole meals for customers who are on the go – and let the professionals stick to the juice. Vibe Health Bar with Liquidology has such a good reputation for quality juices in the Sacramento area, so it just makes sense.

What is the reaction customers have when they see cold pressed juice sold along with your healthy pre prepared meals?

I think they’re pretty excited about the juices. I mean, when it’s hotter out, we sell more juice because of how refreshing it is.

What is your favorite Vibe/Liquidology juice and why?

Bottle rocket – I really like the watermelon

Where are you located?

We have two locations:
One in Roseville at 1455 Eureka road, and another in Midtown Sac at 1420 16th Street.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.fiteats.com/ and be sure to stop in for a healthy meal and a cold pressed juice!

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