Juice Retreat Cleanse


  • Looking to flush your body with nutrients while giving your digestive system a much-needed rest, then the Juice Retreat is for you. Test the waters of liquid only cleansing with a 1 day or go for a more complete reset with a 3 or 5-day option. You will come off a juice cleanse feeling light, refreshed and recharged!

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  1. Juice Retreat Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Lemon Probiotic Water and Birthday Suit

Mid-morning: What’s Up Doc?

Lunch: Greenie in a Bottle

Mid-afternoon: City Scout

Dinner: Vitality

After dinner snack: About Last Night

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  • All Juice Cleanses must be pre-ordered and pre-paid for a minimum of 48 hours in advance of pick up.
  • Juice Cleanse orders made in the online shop are final. No refunds will be given.
  • Please make sure your contact phone number and email are correct when placing your order as we will use these to contact you and schedule your pick-up day and time. You will be contacted within 24 hours of placing your cleanse order.
  • Any special instructions or substitutions may be made when our Vibe Health Bar team member contacts you to schedule your pick-up date and time.


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One Day, Three Days, Five Days

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1 review for Juice Retreat Cleanse

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pilar Souder

    I did the three day Retreat Juice Cleanse a couple weeks ago and it was challenging but I certainly saw results!

    I did this cleanse to kick off my journey to losing weight. I had previously been highly addicted to carbs and fast food. Living within a mile of Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., KFC, two Jack in the Box and two miles of In n Out, I was constantly temped to get late night junk. I have now cut out carbs, sugar and alcohol (and obviously fast food) and this cleanse really helped with the transition.

    While it was certainly difficult to limit myself to seven juices a day, I can honestly say I now have little to no cravings for junk and bread. The nighttime was the worst part of the day, mostly because I was so accustomed to binge eating late at night, but strategically spreading the juices out throughout the day was very helpful; as well as going to bed earlier than I normally do.

    I woke up each day around 8 AM and had my first drink right when I woke up. For the mornings, just to make this process more bearable, I added one hard-boiled egg into my breakfast. I also take an appetite suppressant in the morning, which gives me a stomach ache if I take it on an empty stomach, so the egg was also to help prevent stomach discomfort. I would say I had each juice every two hours on average. Though, my first two juices of the morning were consumed back to back. So the first two between 8-9 AM, mid-morning juice around 11-11:30 AM, lunch around 1-1:30 PM, mid-afternoon juice around 3 PM, dinner around 5-6 PM and after-dinner juice around 8 PM. Going to bed between 9-10 PM really helped with the cravings!

    Overall, this experience was very pleasant, especially when I was done and could eat a nice big veggie omelet! But also because stepping on the scale to see my weight 7 pounds down from what I was before was very rewarding. I will say that my changed eating habits have helped to keep that weight off and I think that going right back to the poor eating habits would have added the weight right back on. I was also doing simple at home workouts to maximize my results. But be careful to not overdo it or you might find yourself dizzy and feeling malnourished because you are not consuming a normal intake of food which leaves you a bit groggy and tired than normal.

    Another tip…if you have never tried the Rose Water, prepare yourself for a very odd textured drink. Though the taste was not horrible (it tasted like the scent of a rose), it had the consistency of syrup and I literally felt like I was drinking egg whites. This was difficult for me because I am a texture person, but if you aren’t it shouldn’t be too bad! Other than that, the rest of the juices tasted pretty great. I even HATE beets and We Got the Beet was actually so tasty.

    As for the cost, it is rather costly but I think it was definitely worth the money. Realize that the price is feeding you for three straight days with nothing but purely healthy and beneficial ingredients, and healthy produce can get pricey even from the grocery store!

    Good luck to all trying this cleanse and I will definitely be doing this again after my trip to Cuba! 😉

    • admin

      Hi Pilar…Thank you for your feedback. Great information and we are glad you enjoyed your cleanse experience. Vibe Tribe!

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