Energy Cleanse


With the Energy Cleanse, less is more! If you are an experience cleanser or looking to jump start a healthy eating change in order to lose weight, choose the Energy Cleanse.

The daily caloric intake of the Energy Cleanse ranges from 1000-1200 calories. You may choose from a completely raw or paleo version of the cleanse. Each day the menu consists of nutrient dense, alkalizing foods and organic cold pressed juices. The Energy Cleanse menu is rich in superfood greens and raw beets which will provide you with the stamina and sustained energy you need to charge through your day.

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Energy Cleanse Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Lemon water including vegan, gluten free probiotic

Mid-morning: Organic cold pressed juice

Lunch: Root Awakening Wrap (ginger beet hummus, quinoa, avocado, fermented veggies, carrots) + Organic cold pressed juice (make it paleo by substituting a BBQ chicken wrap here)

Mid-afternoon: Organic cold pressed juice

Dinner: Salad (make it paleo by adding lean organic chicken) + Chlorophyll Water

Mid-evening snack: One superfood protein bite

Bedtime: Charcoal shot

Number of Days/Type

1 Day (Raw}, 1 Day (Paleo), 3 Days (Raw), 3 Days (Paleo), 5 Days (Raw), 5 Days (Paleo)

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