Elite Cleanse


The Elite Cleanse provides the ultimate fuel necessary to propel high level athletes to their optimal performance. Higher calories, higher protein for those who burn more!

The Elite Cleanse menu which too is rich in superfood greens also includes the additional protein and calorie requirements of a professional athlete, serious cross fitter or someone training for an endurance event such as a tough mudder or marathon. The daily caloric intake of the Elite Cleanse ranges from 2000-2200 calories. Each day the menu consists of nutrient dense, high protein alkalizing foods and organic cold pressed juices. The Elite Cleanse will leave you feeling strong and nourished but also lean and mean.

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Elite Cleanse Sample Menu:

Morning: Lemon water including vegan, gluten free probiotic

Breakfast: Organic cold pressed juice + overnight oats

Lunch: BBQ Chicken Wrap…double the organic chicken + Organic cold pressed juice

Afternoon: Organic cold pressed juice + superfood protein bite

Dinner: BBQ Chicken Wrap…double the organic chicken + Nectarine Salad + Chlorophyll Water

Evening: Organic cold pressed juice

Bedtime: Charcoal shot

Number of Days

1 Day, 3 Days, 5 Days

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