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1. About Last Night

Tastes like watermelon with a hint of mint and lemon in the finish. Although the charcoal does give the drink a dark appearance, it is flavorless. About Last Night is the best drink for any customers looking for a detox or a “hangover helper.” About Last Night helps absorb the toxins from those long nights, while providing hydration!

2. Birthday Suit

Be comfortable with your Birthday Suit! This super green juice starts with a citrus flavor and finishes with the nutty taste of sunflower sprouts combined with a little pepper from watercress. Birthday Suit is an easy drinking green juice but is packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

3. Bottle Rocket

Light and refreshing! The taste of watermelon is accompanied by a splash of lemon. Bottle Rocket finishes with a kick of cayenne pepper to spark the senses and help boost your metabolism.

4. City Scout

City Scout presents a twist on the old fresh squeezed orange juice. By following the seasonal citrus of orange, mandarin and blood orange it will provide you subtle but complex flavor changes throughout the year. Sweetened by local wildflower honey with a pinch of cinnamon, City Scout’s smooth citrusy flavor is sure to please.

5. Greenie in a Bottle

Go big with this super green! Great for the experienced green juice drinker looking for a low sugar green. Greenie in a Bottle has a complex earthy flavor and finishes with a lemon and ginger kick.

6. Immune Scout*

Our Immune Scout is the key to a healthy cold and flu season. Packed with vitamin C from the camu camu berry this drink will keep you feeling great through those cold and dreary months of winter. Immune Scout also includes pink himalayan sea salt to keep you charged with vital minerals and local wild flower honey, basil and cayenne pepper which act as anti-bacterial superstars.



7. Lemon Probiotic Water

Our Lemon Probiotic Water is the perfect start to a day. Enjoy it cold or warm it during the winter months. For centuries, lemon water has been recommended as a way to support your bodies natural detoxification. Lemon Probiotic Water give you all the benefits of lemon water plus the added bonus of a vegan, gluten free probiotic to improve your gut flora and thus overall health.

8. Over the Rainbow

Savor this treat! Over the Rainbow starts with a bit of citrus and then comes the powerhouse strawberry flavor. A favorite of our younger and older clients alike. Over the Rainbow also posses the power of strawberries which are full of antioxidants which help protect against free radical damage and also help protect the brain and nervous system.

9. Vitality

Vitality starts with the flavor of leafy greens followed by a refreshing cucumber note. Vitality then finishes with a ginger and lemon kick. Vitality is great for pre or post workouts and anytime in between with a flavor that leaves your mouth and body energized.

10. We Got The Beet

We Got the Beet has a sweet yet earthy flavor as it contains oranges and beets. On the finish you will taste the turmeric root. We Got the Beet is great for anyone looking for the benefits of beets and turmeric. We Got the Beet is a favorite among active people for the benefits of increasing stamina and reducing inflammation. We Got the Beet is a great juice for someone who wants a vegetable and fruit juice but may not want to try something different than a green juice.

11. What’s Up Doc

What’s Up Doc? has a smooth carrot flavor accompanied by hints of apple and orange. What’s Up Doc? finishes with a light ginger flavor and a hint of lemon. What’s Up Doc? is another good option for a customer who wants a vegetable and fruit juice. What’s Up Doc?is vitamin packed and has a good amount of fiber too!

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