BBQ Chicken and Greens $11
organic chicken breast, vibe paleo bbq sauce, avocado, red onion, jalapenos, mixed greens

Root Awakening $9
housemade ginger beet hummus, quinoa, avocado, fermented veggies, carrots

Turkey Apple Goat Cheese Sandwich $9
toasted sprouted wheat bread, organic turkey, goat cheese spread, sliced apple, Dijon mustard, and mixed greens drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Refresh Veggie Sandwich $9
goat cheese spread, fresh dill, cucumber, tomato, avocado, mixed greens, lemon garlic dressing.

O.P.P. $8.50
oak park panini with almond butter, fresh strawberry, local honey, banana, coconut and cinnamon.

Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheez $9
organic, spelt wheat bread slathered with our nutty pesto on one side and avocado on the other, layered with kale and vegan cheese and toasted in the panini press until crispy.

NEW! Apple Pie Panini $8.50
organic, spelt bread layered with almond butter, fresh apples, walnuts, pumpkin pie seasoning, & local honey.


Mediterranean Mamma Salad $11
mixed greens, quinoa, organic chicken, nutty pesto, tomato, feta, balsamic dressing
wrap it up $11

NEW! Chicken Apple Walnut Salad $11
mixed greens, organic chicken, sliced apple, avocado, walnuts, red onion, goat cheese, balsamic honey Dijon dressinge
wrap it up $11


Avocado Toast $7.95
whole grain toast with sliced avocado, nutty pesto, red pepper flakes, pistachios

Strawberry Banana Hazelnut Toast $6.95
whole grain toast topped with all natural chocolatey hazelnut spread, fresh strawberry, banana, and coconut flakes

Strawberry Goat Cheese Toast $6.95
2 slices of whole grain toast lathered with a creamy goat cheese spread, fresh strawberry, mint, and a drizzle of honey

NEW! Avocado Beet Hummus Toast $7.95
housemade ginger beet hummus, mixed greens, avocado, fermented veggies, feta

*Gluten Free Bread Available


Cacao Town 16 oz $8
almond milk, banana, almond butter, cacao, dates, maple syrup

City of Trees 16 oz $8
coconut water, kale, pineapple, mango, jalapeño, basil, ginger, himalayan salt

Mixed Vibes 16 oz $8
almond milk, kale, mango, pineapple, local honey, chia seed, cinnamon

Morning Glory 16 oz $8
coconut water, banana, blueberries, pineapple, chia seed, cinnamon

Purple Butter 16 oz $8
almond milk, chia seed, almond butter, banana, strawberries, blueberries

The Cure 16 oz $8
almond milk, carrot juice, banana, pineapple, turmeric, ginger, orange

Matcha Mint Chip $8
almond milk, matcha powder, fresh mint, banana, cacao nibs, vanilla, dates

Greena Colada $8
coconut water, spirulina, pineapple, mango, coconut flakes, lemon juice

NEW! Coffee Buzz $8.50
almond milk, organic cold brew coffee, dates, cinnamon, collagen protein (9g/serving)

*vegan hemp protein available upon request (4g protein/serving)

For the Kids

Mini Smoothie 6 oz. - $4.00
strawberry, banana, local honey, almond milk

Super Kid Sandwich $4.00
almond butter, banana, local honey on sprouted wheat bread.

Strawberry Banana Hazelnut Toast $4
hazelnut spread, strawberry, banana, coconut flakes
1 slice


The OG bowl $11
acai + banana/berry blend + coconut water
toppings: coconut, banana, strawberry, local honey, granola

Beez Nuts bowl $12
acai + banana/berry blend + coconut water
toppings: strawberry, banana, granola, almond butter, local bee pollen, local honey

Warrior People bowl $12
acai + banana/berry blend + cacao powder + almond butter + almond milk
toppings: banana, granola, cacao nibs, local honey

Hella Greens bowl $12
spirulina + kale + mango/berry blend + coconut water
toppings: banana, kiwi slices, granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds, local honey

Dragon Bowl $11
Pitaya + banana/pineapple blend + coconut water
toppings: banana, kiwi slices, granola, local honey

Vitality and the Tap

D-Up Shot 2 oz shot $3.99
immunity, strength, vitality

Detox Shot 2 oz shot $3.99
cleanse, hydrate, flush toxins

Wellbelly 2 oz shot $3.99
digestion, pre+probiotics, energy

Cognitive Coffee 12 oz cup $6.50, 16 oz cup $8.50
coffee blended with grass-fed butter, and MCT oil for a fat burning body and mind boost. Your choice of cacao, vanilla, or seasonal pumpkin flavor (maple syrup added). Boost your cog coffee by adding in one of our superfoods!

Cold Brew Coffee 16 oz cup $6

Drip Coffee 12 oz cup $3.10

Seasonal Kombucha 16 oz cup $6
probiotic packed fermented tea on tap

Organic Cold Pressed Juices - Greens

Birthday Suit 12 oz. - $7.50

Birthday Suit 12 oz. - $7.50

watercress, sunflower sprouts, kale, spinach, romaine, orange

Vitality 12 oz. - $7.50

Vitality 12 oz. - $7.50

romaine, spinach, cucumber, kale, apple, lemon, ginger

Greenie in a Bottle 12 oz. - $7.50

Greenie in a Bottle 12 oz. - $7.50

romaine, spinach, cucumber, watercress, cabbage, parsley, lemon, ginger

Organic Cold Pressed Juices - Roots & Fruits

About Last Night 12 oz. - $7.50

About Last Night 12 oz. - $7.50

watermelon, lemon, mint, activated charcoal

Bottle Rocket 12 oz. - $7.50

Bottle Rocket 12 oz. - $7.50

watermelon, lemon, cayenne

City Scout 12 oz. - $7.50

City Scout 12 oz. - $7.50

seasonal citrus, local wildflower honey, cinnamon

We Got the Beet 12 oz. - $7.50

We Got the Beet 12 oz. - $7.50

beet, orange, turmeric

What’s Up Doc? 12 oz. - $7.50

What’s Up Doc? 12 oz. - $7.50

carrot, orange, apple, lemon, ginger

Organic Cold Pressed Juices - Seasonal Harvest

[seasonal] Over the Rainbow 12 oz. - $7.50

[seasonal] Over the Rainbow 12 oz. - $7.50

lemon, orange, strawberry, pear

Artisanal Waters / Cold Brews

Lemon Probiotic Water 12 oz. - $3.75

Lemon Probiotic Water 12 oz. - $3.75

lemon, distilled water, L bulgaricus (vegan, gluten free probiotic)

Well Belly Tonic - $13.75

Well Belly Tonic - $13.75

Purified water, apple cider vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, vegan probiotic, strawberry, turbinado sugar.