Holiday Gift Guide: Oak Park Edition!

The one stop shop to last minute Christmas Shopping!

For that friend from your office who’s just always getting sick – Vibe Health Bar Immunity Pack $25
This pack comes with 2 immunity boosting Immune Scout juices, 1 Charcoal Shot, 1 Cider Kick Shot, and 1 package of our delicious, raw, chocolate almond butter cups. Save your office bud from missing work due to that nasty sickness!

For the local lover – Local Wild Honey and Bee Pollen from Vibe Health Bar $13 – $14
Eating local, raw honey is amazing for helping to avoid seasonal, pollen induced allergies. Local bee pollen is a great source of protein, containing all 22 essential amino acids vital to your body’s health and wellbeing. It also boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps relieve stress, and promotes healing! Sprinkle this wonder food atop your smoothie bowl, warm morning oatmeal, or yogurt and granola to gain some protein and natural benefits!


For the Plant Lady (or gentleman!) in your life – Plant Foundry Succulent $5-$30
Perfect for the friend who loves plants, but doesn’t necessarily want to commit. Succulents are easy to care for, don’t need much water, and are best kept indoors! Need we say more!

For the all around Bag Lady – Vibe HealthBar Canvas and Cooler Bags $9.75 – $12.75
Perfect for grocery shopping, a trip to the Midtown Farmer’s Market, or simply to carry all of your Liquidology Cold Pressed Juices!

For the one that inspires you, the down to earth friend – Sage sticks from Vibe Health Bar 
Historically, sage is a medicinal healer with powerful spiritual qualities. You can use these sticks to sage smudge, or clear out the energy of a particular room, object, or smell. Clearing out energy in ones surrounding place enables neutral energy, which naturally helps with intuition.

For the stylish one – Cozy Knit Beanie and Sparkly Earrings from Rire Boutique $9-$24
You can’t go wrong at Rire Boutique for the stylish woman you’re shopping for! Beanies, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories galore! You’re welcome.

For the friend who desperately needs a “treat yo-self” – Gift Card to Evergreen Salon and Spa
Featuring all natural and organic products, this salon experience is one you’ll never forget. Haircuts for men, women, and children, waxing and facial services, and nail treatments – there is sure to be something special for everyone!

For the Avocado Lover in your life – Vibe Health Bar Peace Love Avocado Tee $15
Also, look at our “Vibe Tribe,” “Fuel Good,” or “Higher Vibes” Tee. Become part of the Tribe and sport our vision everywhere you go!

For the creative in your life – local goodies and handmade, craft items from Display California
If you’ve never been into Display California, a newly developed revolving pop up concept that connects retail with community, you better get yourself there right away! Tons of awesome and creative gifts for the one that you never really know how to buy for.


For the one who loves to be cozy – Soy Candle from the Plant Foundry
Perfect for the girl or guy in your life who loves to light a candle, get out the essential oils, and relax in the bath tub or with a book. Additionally, soy wax candles burnlonger and cleaner than paraffin candles. Avoid the toxins, carcinogens, pollutants and allergies that often come with paraffin candles and get your self care on!

For the raddest guy you know – Apparel and other fun gifts from Strapping Boutique
Recently opened, this trendy boutique has all the sweetest brands, and local gifts you could imagine! Shop Small and grab a one of a kind, special gift from the Broadway Triangle District of Oak Park!

For the one who just likes hats – Vibe Health Bar black or multi-colored Ball Caps – $15
Awesome for the whole family! These fun hats come in black, bright green, or pastel pink and blue!

For the one that deserves to relax – Gift Card to Capitol Floats $65-$135
Floating is the new and ULTIMATE way to relax and wind down. It’s like a body massage for your soul, providing the body and mind time to step away from the physical and hyper-stimulated world. 

For the coffee aficionado – coffee beans, mugs, or gift cards from Old Soul Co.
We all have that “always-highly-caffeinated” friend or family member. Skip Starbucks this year and treat your loved one to a locally crafted, fairly traded espresso experience. A great date day idea! 

For the health and wellness FOODIE in your life – a Vibe Health Bar Gift Card!
When they can’t get enough of our organic cold pressed juice, Acai Bowls, or delicious Avocado Toasts, treat them to the gift that keeps on giving! Healthy and nourishing food for the soul! NOW through December 29th: buy a gift card worth $25 or more and receive a FREE wellness shot of your choice!



Happy Shopping Vibe Tribe!

Everything listed above can be found on Broadway in Oak Park, Sacramento! But for the Vibe Health Bar goodies, feel free to drop into any of our Sac Town locations 🙂 

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