Why our “Cognitive Coffee” should be part of your morning routine…

What is Cog Coffee anyway?

Our Cognitive Coffee blend contains a mix of local Chocolate Fish coffee grounds, MCT Oil, grass-fed butter, our 3 Mushroom Blend, and your choice of either vanilla or cacao flavor! All blended up to create a frothy, rich, mood enhancing beverage to boost your energy and heighten your focus without the mid-afternoon coffee crash – hence the name “Cognitive Coffee.” Get it?!


MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are a type of fat found in coconut oil that is easy for your body to digest. MCTs do not need to be broken down the way other fats do, and instead are sent straight to the liver where they get turned into fuel for your body. Here, the MCTs are immediately turned to ketones, which are primary fuel for brain and muscles. They are not stored as fat, but are actually used to help speed up your metabolism, aiding in digestive health, weight loss, and hunger satisfaction. When combined with coffee, the ingredients work together to keep your energy levels sustained without the usual coffee crash. The best part? You can’t even taste it! So you are getting all these benefits without affecting your coffee experience. In fact, it actually enhances your morning coffee by making it even more thick and frothy – not to mention all the positive side effects going on inside your body.

3 Species Mushroom Blend

Our special mushroom blend helps to boost cognitive function by providing a huge dose of mental clarity to clear the brain fog, and thus adding a sustained level of focus for your day! Not to mention, it is extremely high in antioxidants, it helps to combat stress and lower anxiety, and even regulates your blood sugar. Caffeine + focus? Too good to be true!

Grass-fed Butter

Pairing grass-fed butter (a healthy fat) with coffee helps to trigger the body to go into fat burning mode, as it metabolizes the caffeine more slowly and fights against the caffeine crash and coffee jitters later in the day. It is also high in omega 3, an essential fatty acid, and includes many important vitamins such as vitamin A (essential for normal vision, a healthy immune system, and reproduction), D (fights disease, reduces depression, boosts weight loss), E (acts as an antioxidant, protects against toxins in the environment), and K (builds strong bones, prevents against heart disease). The butter gives the coffee a rich and full flavor that may take a bit of getting used to, but will leave you coming back for more.


Other benefits of our Cog Coffee?


-Your choice of Mocha (we add in a tablespoon of organic Cacao powder) or Vanilla flavor (just a shot of vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon)

-No added sugar!

-All organic, local, and quality ingredients.


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