Introducing Nutritionist – Roxanna Torres!

We are so excited to announce a brand new position here at Vibe Health Bar – our very own nutritionist and consultant, Roxanna Torres!

Roxanna has been working at Vibe Health Bar since we began and is the creator of our special Unicorn Bowl. She will be on call to consult, educate, and customize programs for YOUR health. As the certified nutritionist on staff, she will be on site at our Oak Park location on Thursdays 11am-6pm, and our East Sac location on Tuesdays 11am-6pm. You can come in and ask questions, talk cleanses, or inquire about specific items on the menu. If she’s not in the shop she will be on call through e-mail. She can help clients formulate realistic goals for their health, fitness, and nutrition, as well as consult with them on picking a customized cleanse to fit their lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Roxanna!!


Where are you from?

I grew up in South Sacramento, went to high school in the Elk Grove area and now live and work in Sacramento!

Which University did you attend and what was your degree in?

I went to Sacramento State and pursued a bachelor’s in Family And Consumer Science, or FACS, with a concentration in nutritional sciences. As I began learning more about nutrition and a well balanced diet, I was led to switch my major during my 3rd year at Sac State. I realized that my passion really was in health and wellness and I ended up switching my major to food and nutrition. I absolutely fell in love with it.

What got you interested in the health and wellness community/what was your biggest influence?

Growing up, I was not very aware of nutrition and eating a well balanced diet. I was raised eating a traditional Mexican cuisine, even though my sister had dietary restrictions and ate a diet much different than the rest of the family. I always wondered why we didn’t just all eat the healthy, well rounded meals that she did. In high school and college I went through some health issues which led me to eat and cook according to my body’s need. I realized that if I could do that for myself, I could also bring awareness to those who don’t have access to nutritional education, and/or to healthy foods. In the community I grew up in, there were no healthy alternatives in school lunches, which baffled me. As an athlete, I felt it was imperative to have access to healthy, nutrient dense food, as well as supplementing with nutrients to enhance performance.

When did you begin working at Vibe and why?

I started working at Vibe within the month after they opened…so, since the beginning of March or so. It’s funny, but something drew me to this specific shop. The owners shared my vision for health and wellness, it was a local shop centered in community, and it had a commitment to bringing the education of healthy living to the community.

What is the biggest nutrition myth you’ve heard that you are determined to combat?

I think people get so caught up on making sure they don’t eat carbs, staying away from fat, or forcing themselves to do tons of cardio, even when they don’t feel like it. For me, as an athlete, I know my body needs a lot of carbs in order for me to function. They are actually good and healthy for you – essential to a well balanced diet. But so many people become easily influenced by the trends that come out on a daily basis telling you to be scared of certain foods. Everyone has a different metabolism and it is all about balance in order to be healthy. I can’t stick to a strict clean eating diet. I really don’t think diets work at all…in a lot of cases they actually hinder your health. A balanced lifestyle is what truly works to maintain an overall healthy life. I encourage people to get educated on what they are eating and really take a look at what works for YOU.

What is your favorite food?

Oh my gosh, I love food haha. I usually eat a lot of Mexican food, as that is what my family generally cooks, and is what I grew up on. My ideal plate or dish, though, would have to be a lean meat (probably carne asada), tortillas, guacamole and a salad.

What is your favorite thing on the Vibe menu – to eat as well as make?

To eat, it would definitely have to be the Cacao Town with kale. It’s a guilty pleasure but then the added kale makes it healthier, and it’s actually really good. 

To make: hmmm, it depends if it’s busy or not haha. If it’s slow, the Unicorn Bowl is my favorite thing to make because it’s super creative. Most of us love to decorate and really take our time with the food art, so if we have time, the bowls are generally the most enjoyable. 

When do you feel best in your body?

For me, it’s when I exercise. I definitely have to make sure I eat enough during the week when I exercise though, as my metabolism. It’s hard for me to keep weight on, so it’s better for me to exercise and eat enough to maintain my weight. One of the most important meals for me is my recovery meal, and making sure I eat in the time span optimal for my body to absorb the most nutritional benefits after exercising. My ideal post workout meal is a lean protein with fast digesting starchy carbs (grilled chicken with potatoes and veggies). If I don’t have time to cook, I love the Purple Butter smoothie we make at Vibe, with added hemp protein + a We Got the Beet or Vitality juice for hydration and energy. 

Guilty pleasure meal?

Oh, for sure an In n Out double double cheeseburger protein style with chile’s, and fries.

What inspires you?

In my overall life, my sister inspires me, as she was born with special needs and was given a life she didn’t choose but had to adapt her lifestyle and abilities to do the things that most of us find simple and unimportant. She is just the happiest girl ever, even with all of her challenges. I think some people are given all of these opportunities that they just take advantage of and don’t appreciate the things that they have just handed to them. My sister has so many abilities that are yet to be discovered and developed. She can’t talk, but she knows how to eat on her own, and her social skills have really improved over the years. Additionally, she plays soccer and goes swimming and does tons of normal things on a daily basis! We are really close. She’s my anchor.

On the nutritional side, I am so inspired to educate people on their health options and give them the tools to make the best health decisions for themselves. I always look at my sister, who didn’t choose her lifestyle or circumstance, and think how I can influence those who CAN choose, to lead their most fulfilling and healthy life. 

If you could tell our Vibe customers anything about their health journey, what would it be?

I want people to actually realize and understand that everyone’s journey is different and their bodies react differently to foods. They do not and should not have the same goals or ideals as other people. They don’t have to follow the trends to be healthy or copy the health and fitness models and gurus to have a happy life. That path may not work for them. Patience is key. Finding a way to stay motivated is one of the hardest parts on a fitness and health food journey. It is essential that we have long term goals that are reachable and achieve a balanced journey. Even though you may take longer than someone else, you will get there!


What is your email/contact info?

I am in the shops about 3 times a week as the nutritionist on staff. If a consultation in the shop doesn’t work according to your needs please feel free to email me at  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be selfish and indulge in your own self care!


Meet Your Matcha


Matcha is the ‘new’ trend making waves in the food world for its incredible health benefits and its delicious flavor, but this ancient drink has been enhancing lives in Japan for over 1000 years, where it is revered for its mental & medical remedies. It may have taken a while, but the power of matcha is finally becoming known all across the world and is changing the way people fuel their lives.


Matcha is a fine powder of ground whole green tea leaves. Unique from other teas, it is the only tea where the entire leaf is consumed. Only the strongest growing green tea leaves are selected for matcha production. They are then shade grown for the last three weeks before harvesting and the stems are removed before the leaves are ground into a fine powder. Matcha is traditionally prepared by whisking a scoop of powder with hot water until frothy.


Before tea was considered a casual beverage, it was considered a medicine. Of all the teas on earth, matcha is the ultimate medicine.

    -Matcha is the highest source of antioxidants per gram (ORAC=1573) with the next highest source being goji berries (ORAC=253).
    -One serving of matcha has the equivalent amount of antioxidants contained in 10 cups of normal brewed green tea
    -Matcha is bursting with catechins, particularly EGCG, which is the most potent & beneficial antioxidant- known to prevent cancer & heart disease and is effective in reducing inflammation & slowing cartilage breakdown
    -With its incredibly high levels of chlorophyll, matcha provides oxygen to the tissues, detoxifying & creating a healthy alkaline pH in the body
    -The catechin EGCG in matcha has been found to raise the body’s thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories) from 8-10% of daily expenditure to between 35-43% of daily expenditure
    -At the same time it oxidates fat & limits intestinal absorption of fat, all while not raising blood pressure or heart rate
    -EGCG is proven to fight skin aging, reduce inflammation caused by UV radiation & suppress acne
    -The shade growing of matcha elevates the L-theanine content, an amino acid that induces alpha frequency brain waves, resulting in mental calmness, improved concentration & memory, and relaxed alertness
    -It naturally contains only 1/2 the caffeine of coffee
    -The unique properties of matcha result in a calm energy that lasts for 5.5 hours on average, with no jitters, crash, or nervous energy



Matcha is clearly one of the healthiest foods in the world, so it naturally fits into the vision of Liquidology Bar. Local food blog joined in collaboration to bring the best organic matcha on the market to Liquidology’s premium line of fresh pressed drinks. Serving organic foods & knowing their source is a top priority at Liquidolgy, so using direct from the farm organic ENCHA matcha was the perfect match.
Combining matcha with Liquidology’s ‘Coco Bomb’ makes for the ultimate healthy energy drink: with electrolytes from the fresh young thai coconut water, medium chain fatty acids from the pressed coconut meat & the calming energy of matcha.


With such a vast array of physical & mental benefits, matcha is so much more than a drink. Matcha is a way of living. It nurtures the body & calms the mind- a retreat from the hectic, grounding us in the midst of our over-stimulated modern lives. Energizing yet relaxing, nourishing & protecting, matcha is the drink that keeps on giving…



article author | bella karragiannidis


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The Juice Retreat ~ A liquid only juice cleanse.

ARE YOU READY FOR A JUICE RETREAT ~ A liquid only juice cleanse?

 If you are interested a juice cleanse, and I know you are if you’re reading this, let me help you avoid the mistakes people make when it comes to participating in a cleanse (the same mistakes I made when I first started out).

Unfortunately, many of us are coming from the mindset that we have no willpower, we deserve punishment for what happened on National Donut Day, or we’re convinced that losing weight is when we can really live. So naturally when the “juice cleanse” is over all of that negative self talk is gonna make it really hard to feel like you DESERVE to take care of yourself and you’ll spiral at the first whiff of pizza.

Juice Cleanse1

Here are 4 mindsets to get into to create a positive juice retreat experience:

  • Think of it as a retreat & opportunity for you to reconnect to your body. Calling it a juice cleanse or detox might keep you in a restrictive mindset and if you have any tendency towards being rebellious, you’ll be fighting yourself the whole time. Prep yourself for an ENJOYABLE, well deserved retreat.
  • You get to spend your hard earned money taking care of yourself – lucky you! Do you know how many people don’t give themselves permission to FEEL GOOD? Not to mention a very small price to pay for your health.
  • Your body, mind & soul is ready to receive tons of nutrition, rest, ease & vitality.
  • There is nothing wrong with you. You are already an amazing human & this juice retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to remember that and treat yourself with loads of respect, self love, & yummy juice.

I’m here to highlight what the Juice Retreat (juice cleanse) and Juice Feast (more on that shortly) offer. Liquidologists, Jules & Jeff want to spread juicy wellbeing while keeping their smart, savvy customers educated & empowered. That’s why I love them. They’ve invited me here to give you the 411 on the juices, on how to get yourself in the cleanse mindset & share my expertise on creating a healthy lifestyle to support you during this juice adventure.



  • Organic, raw, cold pressed fruit & vegetable juices to supplement 1, 3 or 5 days of food. Or juice along with raw, vegan meals.
  • An opportunity for the digestive organs to rest & rejuvenate.
  • A party for your cells – they will be flooded with high-quality vitamins & nutrients as the cold press process breaks down the cell walls of the plant to extract the essentials nutrition.
  • Most importantly, a chance for your body to do what it does best, which is to achieve a state of balance.
  • The perfect way to curb any allergen & food cravings. Often we start to crave the very things that are not serving our best self like excess sugar, flour, alcohol, coffee drinks, dead food and reacquaint our taste buds with pure, organic, raw, earthy nutrients.
  • Time for YOU. Let’s face it, you don’t really have to worry about what to eat. It is a really intentional, respectful act of self-care for your mind, body & soul. Who doesn’t need some of that?



The Juice Retreat (juice cleanse) is juice only for 1, 3 or 5 days. See below for a sample day of juice.

A Juice Feast is for newbie juice cleansers. Man, I wish I had this option back when I was searching for better health. If you want to do a juice retreat but are totally nervous about committing to liquid only meals this option includes some seriously delicious raw food meals prepared by local raw, vegan restaurant The Green Boheme.



  • The most unique, brilliant part of this juice retreat (in addition to the self-care aspect) is the 2 servings of Sweetgrass, wheat grass and pineapple, each day. This gives you plant-based protein to keep you feeling more satisfied than most of juice “cleanses” you find.
  • Each cleansing day begins with a Sante, which is a cultured drink, giving your guts a dose of good bacteria to get things moving. Like I said, 3 servings of Sweet Grass as your protein source to keep your energy from crashing & blood sugar from spiking.
  • Two of Liquidology’s green juices, Vitality & Greenie in a Bottle are surprising & refreshingly delicious. Greenie is literally chock full of toxin neutralizing veggies, including the super herb parsley.
  • The coconut & turmeric in The Alchemist helps decrease inflammation & heal the intestinal tract. It’s a bonus that it tastes amazing!
  • The beautiful beet juice of We Got the Beet (or Bottoms Up!) will cleanse the blood & liver, while orange juice offers up the antioxidant punch of vitamin C.
  • The signature City Scout blend this summer, Summer Scout, is filled with blackberries and burdock root, which is another blood cleanser.
  • On the final day of the juice cleanse you’ll get the ultimate in detoxification from About Last Night, which contains activated coconut charcoal. This has been used for years to rid the body of chemical toxicity & poison. It’s the perfect way to end your cleansing before you transition to a whole foods diet (because you’re not going to ruin all the goodness you just created by taking down a pizza)
  • And if you’re beginning with a Juice Feast, you will get some delicious, surprisingly satisfying raw food meals too.


This is a day 1 sample of juices…

Sante (probiotic tea)

Sweet Grass


The Alchemist

Sweet Grass

Greenie in a Bottle

Bottle Rocket

City Scout

Cinnamon Coconut Water

About Last Night



Just give Liquidology a call at 916-970-5102 to order your choice of 1, 3 or 5 days for a Juice Retreat or a Juice Feast & to schedule pick-up at 4601 H Street in East Sacramento or at 1611 Lead Hill Blvd in Roseville.

They would just love it if you gave at least 48 hours notice before picking up your juicy goodness. This gives them time to get you the highest quality juice.

It also gives you an opportunity to prepare yourself for your personal health retreat by hydrating, phasing out food that you know doesn’t make you feel your best & making some space for taking fabulous care of yourself.

Juice Cleanse2







Keep drinking water: Juice is not meant to replace regular hydration. Keeping your water intake up between juices (and especially in the days leading up to your Juice Feast) will enhance the effects of all that nutrition while keeping your organs & tissues really happy.

Dry brushing: This is my favorite, especially during bathing suit season. Using a dry bristle brush, beginning at the feet, brush in strokes towards your heart. You can stop at your neck and avoid breasts. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which acts like a drain for your body’s detoxifying processes. It’s easiest to do before you take a shower or bath and it also exfoliates the skin and can help with cellulite.

Gentle, cleansing exercise: This is probably not a great time to run or do really strenuous exercise. The goal of a juice retreat is for the body to rejuvenate & balance without enduring much stress. The best types of exercise while you’re in retreat is yoga, walking, Pilates, tai chi, or swimming.

Meditation: Think of it as a cleanse for your emotional body. Meditation is giving yourself space to just be. It’s not intended to make you stop thinking, it’s to help you look at all of those thoughts passing through and noticing them. It actually changes the brain + starts to turn the voice in your head to a much nicer, more compassionate one.

Journaling: When we write we can begin to figure ourselves out. So whether you just free write whatever pops in your head or you answer a question, it will lead you to learning something new, letting go of thoughts or feelings that you don’t need or just clearing the clutter hanging around in your head.

De-clutter: Find a drawer, a closet, a table, a room or your whole house and clean it out. Get rid of things you haven’t used in the last year, doesn’t fit or that has expired, organize what you do have. The state of our space is often a reflection of how we are feeling and cleaning it out feels pretty grounding.


Lastly, if you are looking for more ways to take the very best care of yourself & your health, I’d love to support you. Liquidology juice retreaters get $50 off a coaching session where we work to bring more lightness, vibrance & energy to your life through nutrition, mindset, movement & more.

Find more of Nikki’s musings, coaching & courses:

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Farm 2 Fork Dinner by Kendra at

We had the pleasure of hosting Kendra from Paleo Paparazzi and other inspiring Sacramento locals at our home for a true Farm 2 Fork dinner party. Sacramento is the Capital city to the largest producing state of agriculture in the nation giving us access to the freshest produce available. This night was about celebrating that bounty. Click here to read Kendra’s details.


Berry Green Juice Popsicles

Alicia Lund is a twenty-something year old stylist and editor currently living in Northern California with her husband. After recently meeting her at a local farmers market, she came over to our place to make berry and green juice pops. They’re both super simple, and perfect for the weekend. Read more and get the recipe by visiting Alicia at Cheetah Is The New Black.