Everyone Enjoys A Juicy Conversation

Join us on our journey as we spread Juicy Wellbeing across Sacramento. We are passionate about our craft and want to be here as a valuable resource for any of your juicing and raw food related questions. Adding your email below is the start to full submersion into the Liquidology culture. So sit back, relax and let some positive juice vibes (and a few perks like juice discounts and special releases) come your way via email!

A Little Love From Our Friends

  • Liquidology’s Vitality is better than a beer after my 40 mile bike ride!
    Jeff GarnierAvid Cyclist
  • The most enlightened flavor ever! And every sip absorbs into my cells with health and happiness...truly!
    Shauna GallagherArtist
  • This is, by far, the best juice!!
    Fernando SantosMuay Thai Instructor
  • Hands down the most delicious and smooth juice I have ever tried. Healthy has never tasted better.
    Tim BairCSUS Engineering
  • This juice is the GREATEST!!!!! Not only is it refreshing, it makes me feel wonderful!! Liquidology is the only drink my friends and I bring on our hikes!
    Stephanie CarterStudent
  • Tried and purchased some amazing juices at the East Sac Farmers Market today! So excited there is a wonderful, local juice company. Can't wait for the storefront to open soon!!
    Jennifer Grzybowski
  • I am officially addicted to Liquidology. I travel all over the country and try juice in every major city. I like to consider myself a juice connoisseur! I love Liquidology because it tastes really, really good and they use all organic produce and provide each juice in beautiful glass bottles, carefully dated and detailed with ingredients. Their mission to bring clean, honest juice to Northern California has benefited my whole family. The owners are kind and approachable and they believe in what they're doing. Liquidology is the best. :-)
    Mary Gonsalves KinneyCelebrity Stylist/Editor & Co-Owner StyleArmy

A Little More Love From Our Friends

  • I suggest you try the sexy summer the heirloom tomato taste is very fresh...this is not your mother's V8 that's for sure. I also tried over the rainbow a very nice fruit blend. I tried the vitality but I didn’t purchase but I will next time. It has a very robust ginger flavor that I liked. Keep up the good work.
    Latoya Brown
  • Liquidology is just ridiculous good! So awesome, my husband and 16 year old son steal my juice from me...really?? I crave this daily, my whole family does! Try it, its that good.
    Robin DunbarOwner, Produce Growers Insurance
  • This juice is so delicious!
    Lindsay Jaramillo
  • Seriously the best juice and best customer service of any juice company in Sacramento!
    Makena SnowMarketing Consultant